September 29th 2014

The MCI extends its offering in America

First-class partner universities in Kingston (Canada) and Boone (USA)

The MCI now offers students an even wider choice for their semester abroad, having made two recent additions to its portfolio of outstanding partner universities in the popular region of North America. That brings the total number of exchange universities in the international network built up by the Entrepreneurial School® to two hundred worldwide.

The Queen’s School of Business is the leading management school in the Toronto area of Canada. Its alumni include Kimbal Musk, founder of Tesla Motors. The prestigious business school is accredited by AACSB (North America) and EQUIS (Europe). According to the American magazine “Bloomberg Businessweek”, Queen’s is one of the world’s top thirty business schools. In 2010 its MBA program was classified as the best outside of the USA and the fourth best worldwide. Queen’s University is one of Canada’s oldest universities, having been founded back in the colonial period in 1841. It has a parkland campus on the promenade of Lake Ontario.

Founded in 1899, the Appalachian State University is part of the University of North Carolina System. According to U.S. News and World Report's “America's Best Colleges Guide”, it is one of the ten best universities for Master’s programs in the southern states. The campus lies in the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains made famous by television series like “The Waltons” and the songs of John Denver. Located at an altitude of 1,016 meters, it is one of the highest universities east of the Mississippi, and temperatures in summer are correspondingly pleasant. Appalachian State’s alumni include Stephen Dubner, co-author of the business bestseller “Freakonomics”, as well as many pros playing in the NFL, the American football league.


Dr. Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of International Relations at the MCI, says: “The USA and Canada are among our most popular destinations worldwide for study abroad. So it’s quite an achievement for the MCI to recruit two such high-flying universities as partners in the region.”

Dr. Andreas Altmann, Rector of the MCI: “Today the MCI receives regular enquiries from universities around the world, and we can afford to choose the best as partners. That is confirmation of the wisdom of our approach and a source of added value for our students.”

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