October 28th 2014

1,200 freshers from 48 countries at the MCI

1,200 freshers from 48 countries and 150 exchange students from around the globe at this year’s traditional Freshers’ Welcome are a reflection of the international character of the Entrepreneurial School®. The total number of students has passed the 3,000 mark. The success story continues.

The success story at MCI Management Center Innsbruck continues. In autumn 2014, more than 1,200 students started a Bachelor or Master program at the Entrepreneurial School®.

The freshers were chosen from a total of 3,700 applicants in a demanding selection process comprising analysis of applicants’ CVs, entrance exams in several subjects and an interview before a panel. That brings the enrollment total at the Entrepreneurial School® to more than 3,000 motivated students.

One striking feature of the lively MCI Freshers’ Welcome held at the Innsbruck Fairgrounds was the international make-up of the students. The presence of freshers from 48 countries plus 150 exchange students from around the world – a reflection of the MCI’s international standing – gave the event a special atmosphere. Rector Andreas Altmann, the heads of department and the student representatives gave the freshers a warm welcome and offered insights into their new lives as students.

The Entrepreneurial School® was founded as an institution of further education by the University of Innsbruck, the Tyrolean regional authority, the Innsbruck municipal authority and the Tyrolean Chambers of Commerce and Labour in 1995/96 and has since built up a strong international position, having had a strong focus from the start on an international orientation and quality in teaching and research. The recently published Universum Survey confirmed the MCI’s excellence by selecting it for its TOP University 2014 award. The MCI is thus again entitled to call itself the best university in Austria.

Students can enroll in programs in the fields of Management & Society and Technology & Life Sciences. 75% of all students study full time while 25% are enrolled in part-time programs. 54% of students are male and 46% female. All students are offered exemplary conditions for study, the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of the MCI’s 200 partner universities and outstanding career prospects. On graduation, they have the option of adding the letters MCI to their academic title as a source of identification, transparency and trust on an increasingly confusing education market.

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