January 19th 2015

Understanding and managing complex decision-making processes

Starting May 2015: part-time MCI Executive Certificate course in Management, Psychology & Leadership

Today’s world of management is complex. For organizational behavior to be successfully steered in such an environment, management and decision-makers must have the necessary understanding and competences in a depth and width that permits them to take full account of a very wide range of factors. In addition to business administration know-how, that presupposes sound leadership skills at the personal, team, organization and market levels.

In this context, a scientific treatment of selected questions of business psychology and personal reflection on and the optimization of the student’s own management role have been made the focus of a program that is unique in the German-speaking world.

The individual modules of the course can be seen as the pieces of a mosaic, which reflects the facets of targeted areas of competence and permits, at a variety of levels, an individual model to be developed for handling a wide range of situations through a professional and complex response.

Professor Heinz K. Stahl, Scientific Director of the course, stresses the importance of multi-dimensional thinking: “In the business world, one-dimensional thinking and acting all too often lead to a dead end. That explains the multi-disciplinary design of the Executive Certificate course in Management, Psychology & Leadership. Linkage between the fields of economics, philosophy, sociology and psychology encourages students to adopt a variety of perspectives and enables them to put their findings to profitable use in their professional lives.”

Graduates of this Executive Certificate program can apply for credits for the Master study programs General Management Executive MBA and Master of Science in Management & Leadership MSc, both of which have received international accreditation and have been awarded the FIBAA Premium Seal.

The course starts on May 29, 2015.

More Information:

Claudia Haidacher
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