January 21st 2015

MCI expands its global network

High-level partner universities in Russia, Israel and India cooperating with the Entrepreneurial School® - international elite universities offering new opportunities in teaching and research

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) has again scored an international success, adding another three highly reputed universities to its global network of partner institutions: Moscow’s National Research University, the College of Management Academic Studies in Israel and the Indian Institute of Management Indore are now set to cooperate with the Entrepreneurial School® in research, teaching and management.

The agreement signed with the National Research University in Moscow gives MCI students the opportunity to study in Moscow. The Russian university specializes in economics and is one of the country’s leading places of learning. Following the collapse of Communism, it was one of the first universities in the Russian Federation to enable students to study the teachings of the “capitalist class enemy” and has since made a clear commitment to the world’s accepted schools of economic thought.

Israel is a world power in terms of science and education. The partnership agreement signed with the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion is accordingly a special distinction for the MCI and a wonderful opportunity for its students. Rishon LeZion is Israel’s fourth-largest city. Situated on the Mediterranean just 8 kilometers south of the youthful city of Tel Aviv, with its buzz of activity in the fields of science, technology and start-ups, the location is highly attractive for exchange students quite apart from the new partner university’s high academic standards.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore is another addition to the MCI’s international academic network. Together with similar institutions in Bangalore, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, etc., it is one of the elite universities of the Indian subcontinent. The IIMs were founded as a prestige project of the Indian government to put India on the map for management universities. Less than 2% of applicants pass the entrance exam and only about one in 600 is finally admitted. Located at the heart of central India, IIM Indore gives MCI students a fine opportunity for a first-hand experience of the world’s most populated country in addition to a prestigious international management qualification

Dr. Susanne Lichtmannegger, head of MCI International Relations, says, “These partnership agreements will also bring students from Russia, Israel and India to Innsbruck. Today, in addition to regular students from 50 countries, more than 250 exchange students come to study at the MCI. They enrich academic life at the MCI and also bring more international flair and cosmopolitan thinking to Innsbruck as the capital of the Tyrol.”

Dr. Andreas Altmann, as Rector of the MCI, adds, “We have a duty to ensure that students from the Tirol and Austria are in continual contact as undergraduates with international experts, students, curricula and projects and are thus well prepared for international challenges. The new agreements bring the MCI’s international network to 200 partner universities, offering enormous opportunities for our students and faculty, the Tyrol campus in general and potential employers in particular.”

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