March 17th 2015

Management, Psychology & Leadership

Multidisciplinary Executive Certificate program at the MCI addresses various aspects of complex decision-making processes and provides support for the implementation of modern management methods.

In May, Management Center Innsbruck is introducing an Executive Certificate program in Management, Psychology & Leadership. The objective of the program, which is unique in the German-speaking world, it to equip decision-makers working in a multifaceted management world with in-depth management competence at the levels of human resources, the team, the organization and the market.

In the context of a scientific approach to business psychology, the individual modules can be seen as the various facets of the relevant spheres of competence, which enable students – on the basis of personal reflection and in-depth interaction – to develop their own individual models for addressing complex management situations.

Anna-Kathrin Bald, MA, of the German steelmaker Klöckner and a graduate of the program, praises the targeted content and effective teaching of the innovative program: “The program gave me an opportunity to take a close look at modern management methods and to reflect on and further develop my own style of management. With the support of leading experts from the fields of business and psychology, the program enables students to develop positive solutions for integration in their own business environment.”

Professor Heinz K. Stahl, the program’s Scientific Director, stresses the importance of multidimensional thinking: “In the business world, one-dimensional thinking and acting all too often lead to a dead end. The program accordingly has a multidisciplinary design. By linking economics and philosophy, sociology and psychology, we make students aware of a plurality of perspectives leading to new insights, which they can subsequently employ to good effect in their professional lives.”

Graduates of this Executive Certificate program also receive credits for the internationally accredited Master’s study programs General Management Executive MBA and Management & Leadership MSc.

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