March 20th 2018

Sensational result for the MCI

FIBAA Premium Seal double for the Entrepreneurial School®
In 2014, the MCI underwent the regular university audit and had an additional voluntary audit performed for institutional accreditation. In both cases, the impressive result was the award of the internationally recognized and highly prestigious Premium Seal. The two Premium Seals are convincing proof of academic quality at Management Center Innsbruck and show that the MCI maintains quality standards that are well above the international average.
Brigitte Auer, as head of Quality Management at MCI, confirms the wisdom of the strategy pursued by the MCI from the very beginning: "Thanks to our consistent quality-first policy, Management Center Innsbruck was able to position itself with the leaders in the Austrian university education scene from the start. The two Premium Seals awarded are a mandate to continue to do everything possible to further develop our products and services and satisfy international quality requirements to the full.”
The MCI’s Rector Dr. Andreas Altmann adds: “MCI Management Center Innsbruck was founded in 1995/96. In the meantime almost 3000 students, 1000 teachers, 200 partner universities and countless companies and graduates all over the world place their trust in the MCI. The two Premium Seals are a source of motivation and strengthen our resolve for our future work."
The audits were carried out by the international FIBAA Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, which has offices in Bonn and Zurich.

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