May 05th 2015

Studying with a difference in France

MCI signs a double-degree agreement with ESC Dijon

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) now offers its students a further attractive option for study abroad: A double-degree agreement was recently signed with the well known ESC Dijon-Burgundy School of Business.

Students enrolled in the double degree program will spend one part of their time at the MCI and the other part in Dijon. On completion of the course, they receive a Bachelor degree in Business & Management from the MCI and a Bachelor degree in Business & Management from ESC Dijon.

An intelligent and fully coordinated curriculum with mutual recognition of credits received avoids all duplication of courses for students so that they do not have to attend all classes in both programs.

Apart from the advantages of such a combined program in terms of content, students also have the significant benefit of a second international degree from another country, which is a huge advantage on the job market. They also benefit from the international experience, improved language skills and extended personal horizons.

The MCI has been running an Erasmus exchange program with ESC Dijon since 2012. ESC Dijon is one of the “Grandes Écoles”, France’s leading quality-oriented universities. With its dynamic, practical and implementation-based approach, ESC Dijon is an ideal partner for the MCI.

Dijon, a city of 150,000 inhabitants, lies at the heart of the Burgundy region. Apart from its standing with gourmets, it is also the commercial center for the region and a noted university city.

Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of MCI International Relations, has this to say about the agreement: “A semester abroad is a source of enrichment for students’ personal horizons. The double degree lends extra leverage to this added value; studying abroad is an intensive experience over a longer period of time, while the additional degree opens many doors in the francophone countries especially.”

Bernd Kirschner, MCI Program Director, says: "Our Business & Management study program has a strongly international orientation. All students spend part of their time studying abroad. With ESC Dijon, we have recruited a premium partner for this double-degree agreement. Having spent several years working in France myself, I am especially pleased that we have landed this first with a university at the heart of Burgundy.”

And MCI Rector Andreas Altmann adds: "MCI stands for quality and internationality. More than 200 partner universities throughout the world and students from 50 and teachers from 35 different countries show that we are on the right path. And we intend to continue to follow that path. That is something we owe to the Tyrol and the business community.”

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