June 22nd 2015

Raiffeisen International Award for Dedicated MCI Students

Raiffeisen-Bankengruppe Tirol helps the most highly motivated MCI students finance their semester abroad.

As a MCI partner and sponsor of many years’ standing, Raiffeisen sets great store not only on academic training but also – and in particular – on getting to grips with one’s inter-cultural and international environment. The Raiffeisen International Award has therefore been presented to students intending to spend their semester abroad outside the EU.

Pia Kurzendorfer and Maximilian Huber, both following a Bachelor’s program in Tourism Business Studies, are each to receive scholarships worth EUR 1,000. Pia is planning to spend her semester abroad at the University of the Philippines Diliman, while Maximilian is off to the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai. The two winners stood out thanks to their excellent performance as students to date, their convincing application dossiers, and their impressive plans for the rest of their studies and their future career.

The awards were presented by Raiffeisen’s Marketing Manager Thomas Wass and the MCI’s Rector Andreas Altmann. Tiroler Raiffeisen Banks and the Entrepreneurial School® would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the winners and wish them an exciting semester abroad and all the best for their continued studies.

Press contact:
Mag. (FH) Ulrike Fuchs
Marketing & Communication
+43 512 2070-1510