July 01st 2015

Patent waiting for a start-up – making money with good ideas

THE VENTURE has announced a business model contest for start-ups. MCI is the first Austrian university to support the initiative.

THE VENTURE has been established in response to the fact that there is often a discrepancy between inventive creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that is an obstacle to the successful marketing of inventions and patents. To ensure that technologies that are ready for market are not shelved and left to gather dust, business start-ups are invited to develop unique products using existing patents.

THE VENTURE is targeted at young entrepreneurs who see opportunities for successful business start-ups in existing technologies and have the motivation and ambition to move them forward. The contribution of THE VENTURE is to make existing patents available and enable students enrolled at partner universities to embark on start-up projects on the basis of technologies protected by the patents.

THE VENTURE is initially limited to the German-speaking area. As the Entrepreneurial School®, the MCI is the first Austrian university to partner the scheme and is thus offering students and graduates a unique platform for entrepreneurial initiatives. Dr. Bernd Ebersberger, Professor at the MCI, has been appointed to THE VENTURE’s advisory board. For him the initiative is “a unique opportunity for students at the Entrepreneurial School to show their entrepreneurial spirit and develop the motivation needed to breathe life into otherwise dormant technologies”.

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Counseling at the MCI:
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