June 29th 2015

DFK Award 2015 for MCI students

The German Friends of the Universities in Innsbruck provide career support for high potentials – Three prizewinners from the Entrepreneurial School®

In the framework of this year’s annual general meeting of the German Friends of the Universities in Innsbruck (DFK), the DFK again made its awards to outstanding students at the Innsbruck Leopold Francis University (LFUI), Innsbruck Medical University (MUI) and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

The award, with its generous prize money, provides academic and professional career support for high potentials and is an emphatic form of recognition for their performance to date. Out of 35 entrants from the MCI, the prizewinners were chosen on the basis of their professional and personal achievements, their academic performance and their future perspectives.

This year’s prestigious DFK prizes were awarded to the following students of the Entrepreneurial School®:

The MCI would like to congratulate the prizewinners and wish them all the best for their further academic and professional careers. Congratulations also to the prizewinners from Innsbruck University and Innsbruck Medical University: Gregor Anich, BSc (LFUI), Katrin Schmiderer, BA (LFUI) rChristian Gatterer (MUI) and Romina Tschenett (MUI).

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