August 05th 2015

Another excellent result for the MCI in a major European university ranking

Big smiles at Management Center Innsbruck – Top scores in the prestigious Trendence Graduate Barometer Europe 2015 – Strong points in study program quality, internationality, cooperation with business, practical relevance, career opportunities and student satisfaction

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) has something to celebrate in the form of outstanding results in a European university ranking. In the recently published Trendence Graduate Barometer Europe 2015, the MCI is again up among the winners with a score of 2.2, well above the Austrian average of 2.5 and the European average of 2.9 and higher than the average for every country of Europe. (Scores are awarded on a scale ranging from 1=very satisfied to 7=very dissatisfied.)

The Entrepreneurial School® did particularly well in the following quality criteria: international character of the study program, university cooperation with business, practical relevance, career opportunities and career services, and student activities.

“My sincere congratulations go to the committed team at the MCI. The university ranking shows once again that the Tyrol’s Entrepreneurial School is doing excellent work. The MCI is a key player in the Tyrolean university scene and an international showcase for the region. The new MCI campus being planned with the full support of the regional and municipal authorities will make it possible to further consolidate the MCI’s top position,” says a highly satisfied Governor Günther Platter.

“The results are the fruits of a consistent commitment to quality, internationality, a business orientation, practical relevance and career opportunities. Study is not an end in itself; in addition to an excellent education and support for personal development, it must also generate subsequent opportunities in professional life. That is something our students are very much aware of. We see this repeat top ranking as inspiration and a mandate to become even better,” says the MCI’s Rector Andreas Altmann from his current location abroad.

University or
  1 to 7 
  1 to 5  
MCI 2,2 1,57
United Kingdom 2,3 1,64
Germany 2,4 1,71
Ireland 2,4 1,71
Austria 2,5 1,79
Czech. Rep. 2,5 1,79
France 2,6 1,86
Russia 2,7 1,93
Switzerland 2,7 1,93
Belgium 2,8 2,00
Poland 2,8 2,00
Slovakei 2,8 2,00
Europe 2,9 2,07
Norway 2,9 2,07
Denmark 3,0 2,14
Sweden 3,0 2,14
Turkey 3,0 2,14
Bulgaria 3,1 2,21
Romania 3,1 2,21
Finland 3,2 2,29
Netherlands 3,2 2,29
Portugal 3,3 2,36
Greece 3,4 2,43
Hungary 3,4 2,43
Spain 3,6 2,57
Italy 3,8 2,71

Ranking design / methodology
The Trendence Graduate Barometer is Europe’s biggest graduate poll on the subject of education and careers. The 2015 poll attracted a response of 281,749 students in 24 countries, who were asked about their level of satisfaction with their universities in addition to their expectations with regard to their future careers and the attractiveness of potential employers. The poll was conducted from October 2014 to February 2015. Statistical analysis of the data was performed pursuant to the provisions of MRS, ESOMAR and ISO 20952.

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