September 29th 2015

Double Premium Seal for the MCI – an international first for the Entrepreneurial School®

Austrian Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs Reinhold Mitterlehner and FIBAA’s Managing Director Daisuke Motoki present a double FIBAA Premium Seal to the Entrepreneurial School®   I   Excellent quality confirmed in international audit and accreditation processes   I   Only university to date to receive both awards

An outstanding international achievement is reported by Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), which is required – pursuant to the Austrian Quality Assurance in Higher Education Act (HS-QSG) – to undergo an institutional university audit at least once every seven years. The audit and certification cover the fields of quality management, quality strategy, and quality assurance and development in study programs, teaching, research, internationalization and organization.

The MCI also underwent a second audit on a voluntary basis, a particularly demanding audit for “Institutional Strategic Management Accreditation”. This comprises a thorough assessment of all aspects of the university’s work, a detailed strengths and weaknesses analysis and intensive self-reflection, with a strong focus on international orientation, dynamism, entrepreneurial thinking and action, and innovative strength.

For both audits, MCI chose FIBAA, the international accreditation agency with its head office in Bonn and a reputation for high standards. All the greater was the delight at the MCI, when the exclusive Premium Seal was awarded in both (!) audits; it is reserved for universities that demonstrate outstanding standards of quality, which the auditors considered clearly the case in both audits at the MCI.

The prestigious award was officially made to the MCI by FIBAA’s Managing Director Daisuke Motoki and Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austria’s Vice Chancellor and Minister of Science, Research and Economic Affairs.

Just how great an achievement this is is clear from the fact that so far only 20 (!) out of 1,500 FIBAA-accredited degree programs have received the prestigious Premium Seal (including, since 2013, the MCI’s General Management Executive MBA and Master of Science in Management & Leadership).

In the fifteen institutional accreditation processes so far conducted by FIBAA – it is a relatively new scheme – the Premium Seal has never (!) been awarded before. That and the fact that the MCI has been awarded the Premium Seal in both audits makes the achievement truly unique worldwide.


Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austrian Vice Chancellor and Minister of Science, Research and Economic Affairs: "With FIBAA, the MCI selected an agency with an international reputation for high standards for the university audit and also underwent additional voluntary institutional accreditation. The resulting award provides recognition of the MCI’s own performance and orientation for other institutions and serves the further purpose of promoting these high quality standards. It is not only a distinction for the excellent result of the work put into developing the MCI but also for Austria as a university location.”

Daisuke Motoki, Managing Director of FIBAA: “Management Center Innsbruck has given impressive confirmation that, as the Entrepreneurial School®, it is fully committed to the entrepreneurial spirit. FIBAA only awards the Premium Seal for outstanding quality. The fact that the MCI has received the Premium Seal in both audits is a unique achievement!"

Bernhard Tilg, Tyrolean Minister of Science and Chairman of the MCI’s General Assembly: “I am proud of the Tyrol’s diverse and effective university scene. The MCI can rightly be considered a beacon of excellence in teaching and research, one that radiates well beyond the borders of the Tyrol. I should like to congratulate Rector Andreas Altmann and his highly committed team."

Horst Wallner, Director of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the MCI Council: "Since it opened, the MCI has acquired a fine reputation in the international university scene. Today 3,000 students, 1,000 faculty members, 200 partner universities, 7,000 graduates and thousands of employers and internship providers place their trust in the Entrepreneurial School®. It is a great pleasure to be a part of this development.”

Brigitte Auer, Head of Quality Management at the MCI: "Excellence in research, teaching and services, internationality, ongoing innovation, a clear commitment to achievement and social responsibility are some of our basic principles at the Entrepreneurial School®. The two audits were extremely demanding and complex, but the effort was worth it, and they will help us improve still further.”

Andreas Altmann, Rector of the MCI: “I should like to express my thanks to our supporters, sponsors and partners for the trust they have placed in us over the years and for their generous support. I am particularly grateful to Brigitte Auer and her quality management staff for their excellent work and to the whole MCI team in research, teaching, management and administration as well as to our motivated students from all over the world for their outstanding cooperation. That makes work a pleasure and great things possible.”

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