November 05th 2015

“Europe – What for?” - EU textbook by Tyrolean authors presented at European Parliament

Member of the European Parliament Othmar Karas and the editors Christian Ranacher, Fritz Staudigl and Markus Frischhut convened a discussion in Brussels to celebrate the third edition of Einführung in das EU-Recht, which provides an introduction to EU law.

As the significance of EU law has been growing steadily, it has become all the more important to supply students, but also the interested public, with a clear overview of the system. Against this backdrop, Dr. Christian Ranacher (Head of Constitutional Affairs Office in Tyrol), Dr. Fritz Staudigl (Head of External Relations Office in Tyrol), and Dr. Markus Frischhut (Professor at MCI) have now published the 3rd edition of Einführung in das EU-Recht.

At the invitation of Mag. Othmar Karas, the book was now presented at the European Parliament in Brussels on October 13, 2015. In addition to numerous invited guests and interested parties representing EU institutions, also almost all of the co-authors from science and practice, without whose commitment the publication of the book would not have been possible, were present.

President of the Tyrolian Parliament DDr. Herwig van Staa, who held the presentation of the book, particularly emphasized the importance of EU law on all political levels, including the level of municipality.

In his speech entitled “Europa – Wozu?” (Europe – What for?), Othmar Karas addressed the current challenges faced in the European integration process. In doing so, he raised the question of whether a substantial revision of the EU policy for the purpose of adopting a new convention might be necessary in near future - a question which may soon require the publication of a 4th edition.

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