November 23rd 2015

UC Berkeley and University of San Diego: MCI successful in California

MCI Management Center Innsbruck has added two academic highlights to its partner network by establishing a student exchange program with the University of San Diego and successfully extending its cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley.

MCI’s cooperation with the renowned University of California in Berkeley allows our students to further expand their academic and personal horizon. They can attend a variety of interactive case-study classes along with American students. The exchange generally takes place during the summer months and therefore ideally complements our other programs at MCI. The world-famous UC Berkeley is known to be one of the most respected universities in the United States. Founded in 1868, it is also the oldest ‘University of California’. The school has 35,000 students, 2,000 professors and an annual budget of USD 2.2 billion. UC Berkeley is famous for its international and research-oriented approach.

Thanks to the recently signed agreement with the University of San Diego, MCI students may now study in the southern part of the Golden State, while students from the University of San Diego can attend MCI. The University of San Diego is a private university offering business, technical and law programs, which makes it an ideal match for MCI. San Diego is also highly attractive from a non-academic standpoint. The second-largest city in California offers a mild climate, long, beautiful beaches and easy weekend trips to Mexico, located only a few miles south of San Diego.

MCI Rector Dr. Andreas Altmann:
“Within our international quality initiative we are cooperating with several world-famous universities. I am particularly proud of the fact that MCI students studying abroad are often considered to be among the best students in their class.”

Dr. Susanne Lichtmannegger, head of MCI International Relations:
“California is a hub for many industries. Just think of Facebook, Google and Twitter. Our students have the unique opportunity to spend their time abroad learning in this exceptional environment.”

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