December 02nd 2015

MCI enters into partnership with Taiwanese top universities

The Entrepreneurial School® continuously expands international network

The Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) delivers good news: The Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy organized a trip to Taiwan in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the Austrian Association of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK), the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, and the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. During this journey, the Entrepreneurial School® was able to conclude several promising partnership agreements with top universities of the East Asian country.

The new agreements perfectly complement MCI’s international orientation, which includes a special focus on the Asian region. MCI already holds longstanding and successful cooperations with renowned universities in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Taiwan is one of Asia’s most successful states in terms of economy, technology and society. It exhibits an outstanding educational system, world-class companies, and a range of prestigious schools, which rank among the world’s top universities.

In particular, MCI concluded cooperation agreements with the following six renowned Taiwanese universities:
The majority of the schools are technical universities offering exciting opportunities for exchange in the areas of engineering, mechatronics, environmental and biotechnology. In the past few years MCI has increasingly put focus on these promising disciplines and now offers a range of attractive study programs, training courses, and innovative research activities in respective sectors.

For MCI Rector Andreas Altmann “Taiwan unites the impressive dynamics of Asia with an established democracy. In the Asian region it thus constitutes an important anchor for MCI. I congratulate the students and researchers at MCI who will profit from the cooperation and get to know this highly interesting culture along with the exceptional academic and professional perspectives offered by the exchange.”

The Head of MCI’s International Office, Dr. Susanne Lichtmannegger, in particular appreciates the opening of “attractive win-win opportunities through Taiwan’s high level of expertise in the area of technology and life sciences. Also Taiwan can profit from MCI’s corresponding competencies in environmental, process and energy engineering, mechatronics, or tourism business studies, which hold the potential to jointly achieve international successes. Our international network now comprises 215 partner universities all over the world. It is a pleasure to witness MCI’s international positioning and current establishment in Taiwan.”

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