December 16th 2015

MCI awards professorships

Dr. Karin Sixl-Daniell, Mag. Marco Rupprich, Ph.D, and Dr. Jürgen-Matthias Seeler have received the title of professor at the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck

MCI announces another piece of good news: The Entrepreneurial School® has recently conferred the title of professor to three internationally renowned scholars in recognition of their contributions to teaching, research and the transfer of knowledge. The three distinguished scholars possess profound academic qualifications, extraordinary didactic skills, several years of professional experience outside of university, and have rendered outstanding services to MCI through respective achievements.

Dr. Karin Sixl-Daniell has been working full-time in teaching and research for the MCI Department of Business Administration Online since 2014. She furthermore acts as Academic Director for the newly introduced MBA program International Business, which is largely based on blended learning methods. Her research areas include International Business and Organizational Behavior. Prior to her appointment to MCI, Professor Sixl-Daniell held respectable academic positions in Singapore and, until 2013, also functioned as a member of the management for different companies in Singapore and Hong Kong. She has taught online classes since 2003.
CV FH-Prof. Dr. Karin Sixl-Daniell

Mag. Marco Rupprich, Ph.D., has been working full-time in teaching and research at MCI since 2008. He has managed the study programs of Environmental, Process, & Energy Engineering as well as the respective department for already four years. As managing partner of the company ionOXess, Professor Rupprich moreover sets new standards in the development of methods for the efficient reduction of dangerous trace pollutants and pollutants stemming from sewage plants.
CV FH-Prof. Mag. Marco Rupprich, Ph.D

Dr. Jürgen-Matthias Seeler has been working full-time at MCI since 2014, when he also assumed the management for the then newly founded bachelor program of Business Administration Online. In this position he has been responsible for the development and implementation of innovative blended learning concepts. These form the basis for the study program Business Administration Online and the online strategy of MCI. Prior to his appointment to MCI, Professor Seeler acted as international consultant for the German Development Cooperation.
CV FH-Prof. Dr. Jürgen-Matthias Seeler

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