January 12th 2016

MCI expands network in the US

Entrepreneurial School® gains renowned partners

The Management Center Innsbruck adds two prominent US institutions to its network of high quality partner universities:
The United States of America have long been one of the most popular destinations for students, lecturers, and researchers. The signing of partner agreements with institutions in the land of opportunity is consequently considered especially good news. Over the past years also more and more American students have seized the chance to study at MCI. The MCI Summer School, which annually takes place in May and June, has proved particularly successful.

Seton Hall University is the oldest diocesan university in the United States. Archbishop James Roosevelt Bayley founded the university in 1856 and named it after his aunt Elizabeth Ann Seton. MCI students will appreciate the informal atmosphere at this prestigious university with currently 10,000 students. Especially students of Management & Law as well as Management, Communication & IT will profit from the university’s friendly ambience. South Orange is a quaint little city in the east of the US – one of the very few cities of North America which still use traditional gas lamps for street lighting. A number of famous people, such as actor Kevin Spacey or Fugees singer Lauryn Hill, call South Orange their home. Also Zach Braff, who has come to fame through the TV show Scrubs comes from South Orange. He has even dedicated a movie, Garden State, to his hometown.

In an entirely different corner of the USA, in the Deep South, MCI students can study at the prominent Auburn University in the city of Auburn, Alabama, where they will benefit from the hot climate and the warm nature of the Southern people. Established in 1856 as well, Auburn University too has a long history. In national rankings, it is usually among the top of Alabama’s universities. Students of Entrepreneurship & Tourism at MCI are soon going to profit from the excellent training offered in Auburn.

Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of the International Relations Office of MCI welcomes the new partnerships: “In the academic world MCI has an impeccable reputation, which reaches far beyond the boundaries of Austria. In the past year we have once again received more Fulbright applications than any other university in the country. We have now been able to make use of our strong network to complete partnership agreements with renowned universities in the USA. We are particularly happy about the ever growing number of American students, lecturers, and researchers who choose to study and work at MCI.”

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