January 14th 2016

Alternative energy moves MCI

8th International Conference on Application of Biomass Gasification offers chances and perspectives of new technologies – Management Center Innsbruck addresses revolutionary concepts with high efficiency and market potential

MCI is utterly pleased with the success of an international conference on the subject of alternative energy production on the basis of biomass. To be more precise, the Entrepreneurial School® itself was recently the host to the high quality International Conference on Application of Biomass Gasification, which was organized by the Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energies (FEE) in cooperation with the International Energy Agency (IEA Bioenergy Task 33) and MCI.

Biomass gasification constitutes an alternative, or an addition, to the conventional incineration of biomass. Based on combined heat and power, the technology achieves a considerably higher efficiency. On top of this, biomass gasification can also be used for fuel production. In consideration of the current conditions of energy and climate change policies, participants in the International Conference on Application of Biomass Gasification discussed wood gasification along with its potential and the chances it bears on a national and international level. They moreover presented innovative application areas of wood gasification within the frame of demonstration projects from Spain and Scandinavia.

The renowned contributors from nine different nations presented an eclectic program in German and English to almost 120 visitors, including researchers, practitioners, experts, public officials, and politicians. The focus of the conference was on the chances and perspectives of the innovative technology, its progressive methods and versatile application, as well as reports of leading plant operators. The experience of practitioners indeed came to form the center of attention. Experts and practitioners moreover addressed technical and economical issues on the basis of six wood gasification systems which are currently used in the European market.


Max Junghanns, Office Manager of the Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energies: “With the aid of thermochemical biomass gasification we are able to cover the demand for heat and power efficiently and without affecting the climate. The conference with focus on Europe primarily illustrated how innovative medium-sized companies and scientists further develop and adapt the technology to the different needs of customers.”

Marco Rupprich, Head of the MCI Department for Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering: “Hosting this high quality conference, we offer our students the possibility to get in touch with researchers, innovative companies, and experts from practice already during their training. They are thus enabled to establish a unique network, from which they can benefit in their later careers.”

Andreas Altmann, Rector of Management Center Innsbruck: “The International Conference on Application of Biomass Gasification provides a perfect platform for networking, collaboration, and exchange within this promising field of research. I am particularly delighted at the fact that the Entrepreneurial School® was granted the honor of hosting the event.”

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