February 17th 2016

“Let’s win together ”: MCI and SWARCO Raiders Tirol create unique partnership

Following the American tradition of college football, the new cooperation links sports and education. The SWARCO Raiders  Tirol will become the MCI college team, and MCI will be the Raiders’ home college.

What may be common practice at United States colleges and universities is now finding its way into the European system. The Innsbruck-based American football club SWARCO Raiders Tirol and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) have joined forces to launch a unique cooperation.

“Let’s win together” is MCI’s and the SWARCO Raiders Tirol’s new joint slogan. The Entrepreneurial School® has teamed up with the multiple-time Eurobowl winner in American football and four-time Austrian champion to create a successful partnership. Just like in other countries, education and sports will now go hand in hand in Innsbruck. In line with the American model of college football, synergies shall be used by tightly linking highly professional amateur sports to education at the highest level. The partnership is based on fairness, performance, success, team spirit and international exchange.

Elisabeth Swarovski, president of the SWARCO Raiders Tirol, on the partnership: “Education and Sports are two fundamental pillars of our society . As the president of the SWARCO Raiders Tirol I fully embrace the fact that the Entrepreneurial School® is closely cooperating with a leading American Football team in Europe to provide successful athletes with a basis for a quality education and international career opportunities.”  MCI Rector Andreas Altmann underlines: “ The SWARCO Raiders are one of the most successful European teams in American football. They have won numerous Austrian and international league, cup and super cup titles including the European Champions League. Based on MCI’s and SWARCO Raiders Tirol’s joint slogan ‘Let’s win together’, this cooperation creates enormous benefits for both sides.”

SWARCO Raiders Tirol Club Manager Peter Schwazer states: “Our objective is to link education and sports in line with the American model of college football. This cooperation is a large step for our club as well as for European sports in general.”

With the SWARCO Raiders Tirol as the MCI college team and MCI as the Raiders’ home college, the partnership bears an enormous potential. There are already several SWARCO Raiders Tirol players studying at the Entrepreneurial School®: Wide Receiver Christian Willi (Management, Communication & IT), Wide Receiver Clemens Erlsbacher (Business & Management), Wide Receiver Julian Ebner (Mechatronics) and Defensive Lineman Benedikt Hagleitner (Business & Management).

MCI students, alumni and employees can benefit from the partnership as well. They will be able to attend all SWARCO Raiders home games free of charge and receive discounts for friends and family. Tickets can be purchased via the SWARCO Raiders Tirol online shop by entering a student number or an ID number, printing out the ticket and showing it at the stadium.

The new cooperation between MCI and SWARCO Raiders Tirol has also brought new exciting co-branded products to the MCI shop, such as stylish performance shirts for active adventures and cool college hoodies for frosty matches.

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