March 08th 2016

Siemens and MCI enter into cooperation

A cooperation based on interconnected know-how benefits both parties involved: The global technology group of Siemens supports the expansion of applied research into drive engineering and the dynamics of machines at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), and at once profits by the know-how of the Entrepreneurial School®.

The Mechatronics Department at MCI is currently involved in the development of an engine test bench, which is meant to serve as a basis for further research into drive engineering and the dynamics of machines. The costly project has now gained the support of Siemens as an experienced partner with international expertise. The company supplies the project with relevant hardware and thus takes responsibility for control and converter systems used in the actuation and operation of engines. As a first step into the cooperation Siemens and MCI mechatronics engineers jointly drafted a concept for the development and usage of the engine test bench. This concept exhibits the potential of creating an excellent foundation for a diverse range of industrial applications.

The first stage of the project involves the planning and implementation of mechanical engineering aspects, measuring techniques, and the visualization of the engine test bench. In the second stage researchers are to test electrical engines and additionally examine the use of combustion engines. The diversity of engine technologies which are expected to be tested during this phase requires a modular set-up and a high degree of flexibility of the test bench.

Jörg Wuggenig, Head of the Siemens Industrial Sales Center, explains that “due to the continuing process of digitization, which allows producing companies to accelerate and optimize the development of products and solutions, the field of mechatronics becomes more and more important. The leading technology group is therefore very much concerned with providing support for research work as carried out at MCI, and thus facilitating applied training programs in the respective field.”

Teaching at the MCI Mechatronics Department, Bernhard Hollaus, MSc, knows: “At the MCI Mechatronics Department we carry out research with great relevance for industrial application. Siemens strengthens our research foundation as a globally active partner. I would therefore like to seize the opportunity to thank my colleagues from Siemens, Dietmar Künzel and Jörg Wuggenig, for their support and friendly cooperation.”

Head of the MCI Mechatronics Department Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehrle additionally highlights that “industrial partnerships such as between the Mechatronics Department and Siemens form the backbone of applied research at MCI. They allow our students to approach the concrete tasks and challenges of their later career fields already during their studies.”

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