March 16th 2016

MCI graduate receives Hammurabi Award

In cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the Federation of Vienna Insurance Brokers grants three graduates with the Hammurabi Award 2016 to acknowledge their exceptional papers: Among this year’s winners is Johanna Haas, MCI graduate of the part-time degree course in Business & Management.

Within the scope of her Bachelor thesis, Johanna Haas studied the factors which are assumed to influence our choice of insurance. Her results show that the familiar environment, particularly family, play a major role when it comes to choosing an insurance. With her work, Haas managed to be among this year’s three winners of the popular Hammurabi Award. The jury primarily praised Haas’s unconventional approach to the topic, which questions the role of advertisement, or other opinion leaders, and draws attention to the significance of people’s personal environment.

“The Hammurabi Award is a high distinction for Johanna Haas’s work and at the same time an acknowledgement for MCI,” as Dr. Maria Rabl, Head of Studies for Business & Management at MCI, states proudly. Johanna Haas, BA, who completed her degree at MCI in 2015, emphasizes that the study program gave her the possibility to successfully combine study and work: “The part-time study program at MCI was challenging, but allowed me to professionally apply my newly acquired knowledge in practical projects already during my studies. I feel absolutely proud that my final paper has now also been awarded with a prize.” Moreover, the results of her paper are of direct relevance to her employer, the Tiroler Versicherung.

The Hammurabi Award has been created to reward excellent papers about the economic and legal aspects of insurances, about insurance purchases in general, and insurance broking as well as consultancy services provided by brokers and advisers in particular. The prize was initiated by the Federation of Vienna Insurance Brokers and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The original name can be traced to King Hammurabi, who codified laws as early as 1700 BC and thus formulated some of the earliest agreements resembling modern insurances.

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