March 29th 2016

MCI expands Biotechnology & Food Technology curriculum – Innovative blend of two future-oriented fields

Expanded curriculum at the Entrepreneurial School® I Interdisciplinary blend of two innovative future-oriented fields I Enhanced graduate competency profile and additional synergies I Different program options and interdisciplinary approach I Master’s programs available I Improved employability

Biotechnology & Food Technology is an interdisciplinary field integrating biology, pharmacology, chemistry, process engineering as well as food and nutrition science. With enormous growth potential and excellent opportunities for career development, it is considered to be one of the key industries of the 21st century. This makes it an ideal addition to the Entrepreneurial School®’s curriculum with its frequent top ratings in surveys and rankings and numerous international research cooperation programs. The goal of the expanded curriculum is to further improve the competency profile of MCI students and to promote synergies with related fields.

Bachelor’s program for Biotechnology & Food Technology

In this newly devised Bachelor’s program, two future-oriented life sciences are combined to create an exemplary competency profile. Students benefit from the possibility to elect different attractive options, a broader range of subsequent Master’s programs and excellent career opportunities in exciting fields. Within the Bachelor’s program, a special focus is placed on the development of innovative products, production processes and quality assurance.*

Master’s program for Biotechnology

At the interface of biochemistry, molecular biology and process engineering, this program teaches a broad scientific foundation in life sciences and process engineering, allowing students to manage biotechnological processes in their entire range from the basic principles of genetics to the final product. This program is designed for graduates of corresponding Bachelor’s programs such as Biology, Pharmacy or Biochemistry.

Master’s program for Food Technology & Nutrition

Austria should be producing healthy quality food distributed via specialty stores, health food stores and pharmacies. The Master’s program for Food Technology & Nutrition is committed to this claim, addressing the consumer’s need for healthier and sustainable food as well as the discrepancy between the ongoing internationalization and simultaneous regionalization of the food industry. This Master’s program is designed for graduates of technical and natural science programs with adequate prior knowledge.*


Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) Rector Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann: “The continuous further development of our academic and research curriculum in the interest of our students , graduates, research partners and employees is one of the strategic goals of MCI. The field of Technology and Life Sciences is one of the most promising areas with a particularly high potential for career development and value creation.”

Prof. Dr. Christoph Griesbeck, head of department and program director for Biotechnology and Food Technology: “By combining biotechnology with food technology, we allow our students to immerse themselves in two closely linked fields. They thus qualify for a large array of interesting fields in high demand, such as health, nutrition and environmental protection. Elective modules allow students to specialize on either biotechnology or food technology, depending on their interests.”

Prof. Dr. Katrin Bach, program director for Food Technology and Nutrition: “Modern consumers have increasingly high demands when it comes to nutrition and food. Diets are constantly changing, and the demand for quality assurance is rising in line with heightened quality awareness. Producers are reacting with intelligent product development and innovative production processes. The sustainable supply of resources has become a particularly difficult challenge. Graduates of the Master’s program for Food Technology & Nutrition deal with these challenges and can provide a valuable contribution both to research and industry within this innovative and future-oriented field.”

*subject to accreditation

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Bachelor’s program for Biotechnology & Food Technology
Master’s program for Food Technology & Nutrition
Master’s program for Biotechnology
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