March 16th 2016

12th South Tyrolean Economic Forum demonstrates “Courage to Face the Future”

Completely sold out, the South Tyrolean Economic Forum inspired executives from Italy, Austria, and Germany with presentations under the motto of “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups – South Tyrol and Euroregion Tyrol Muster the Courage to Face the Future”

The high-class program of the 12th South Tyrolean Economic Forum attracted more than 400 respected visitors to Brixen. Not only were they offered the possibility to participate in highly relevant lectures, but also to engage in animated discussions. The participants in the international program of the event moreover seized the unique opportunity to network with decision-makers from Italy, Austria, and Germany.

Following the address of welcome, which was held by the South Tyrolean Governor Arno Kompatscher, lecturers from all over Europe presented an interesting program with valuable impulses. Under the slogan “Courage to Face the Future”, Paolo Pininfarina, manager of the Italian design company Pininfarina, emphasized the importance for companies to be on the lookout for innovative ideas and committed to “creative destruction”. Elmar Mair, whose lecture followed after Pininfarina’s talk, expressed his conviction that the Silicon Valley relied on exactly this innovative energy as its mainspring. Mair, working on autonomous driving and thus on revolutionizing mobility, is active in the Californian Silicon Valley himself. In his talk he affirmed that you must never rest on your laurels, and consistently question your own decisions. Early in his life, the native Viennese Hermann Hauser established his first business in Cambridge. As a venture capitalist he now invests in promising ideas. The young entrepreneur from Innsbruck Christina Scholochow invests in start-ups and seized the occasion of the South Tyrolean Economic Forum to warn other young entrepreneurs in the world of apps to not be discouraged by the failure of a large number of start-ups. Richard Piock, successful manager and president of Durst Phototechnik, highlighted the necessity to be assertive in order to enforce innovative projects: Innovation consisted of only one percent invention and 99 percent hard work.

The event was organized by Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in collaboration with the publishing company Business Bestseller, Südstern, the Südstern network for South Tyroleans abroad, and the charity of the Südtiroler Sparkasse.

Preview 2017
Next year’s South Tyrolean Economic Forum takes place on Friday March 24, 2017.

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