May 04th 2016

MCI at the top of the CHE College and University Ranking 2015/16

MCI study programs achieve excellent results in the categories for technology and natural sciences of the most recent College and University Ranking organized by the international Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung: The Entrepreneurial School® occupies 40 positions in the top group

The current College and University Ranking of CHE publishes excellent results for Management Center Innsbruck: With high-quality study programs in technology and natural sciences, MCI has achieved 40 positions among the top German-speaking universities.

The following study programs offered at the Entrepreneurial School® have been distinguished by the renowned CHE Ranking: Biotechnology, Mechatronics, Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, and Food & Bioresource Technology. MCI students are particularly satisfied with the support they are provided by their university. Also the modern equipment of seminar rooms and laboratories has been evaluated with top grades. Students moreover appreciate the introductory phase of the study programs at MCI, which helps freshmen to find their way in the new academic environment.

The study program in Biotechnology in particular distinguishes itself from similar courses due to its professional relevance, practicality, and opportunities for studies abroad. The study program in Mechatronics received top grades for practicality as well as its library facilities.

Brigitte Auer, Head of the MCI Department for Quality Management, believes the results of the present CHE Ranking to be proof of the high quality of the technology and natural sciences courses offered at MCI: “Students have shown great appreciation for our continuous efforts to expand our offers in the field of Technology & Life Sciences. The results of the CHE Ranking encourage us to additionally work on the development of the entire range of study programs and services provided at MCI.”

Comparing more than 300 colleges and universities, 2.700 divisions, and 10.000 study programs, the CHE College and University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world. Every year, one third of the subjects are reassessed.

The results of the current CHE Ranking have been published at

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