May 12th 2016

NEW: Medical Engineering

Coming in fall 2016: Pioneering new major within the Mechatronics Bachelor’s program in close cooperation with the Innsbruck Medical University

The diagnosis and treatment of diseases increasingly depends on complex technologies. This trend will continue to accelerate. Against this background, the Entrepreneurial School® will be offering a new Medical Engineering major for its Mechatronics Bachelor’s program, which has been successfully taught at MCI Management Center Innsbruck since 2008.

In an innovative and dynamic environment, the Medical Engineering major combines medical skills with technologies from the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information processing.

As of fall 2016, the Medical Engineering major will be offered by MCI in close cooperation with the Innsbruck Medical University, combining the know-how of two internationally recognized universities to benefit students, graduates, employers, businesses and the local economy. This guarantees prospective graduates excellent career and academic opportunities and allows them to enter a highly dynamic market. Bachelor graduates can go on to obtain a Master’s degree to gain access to high-level jobs within hospitals, research & development, medical product manufacturing or other related management positions.
*accreditation required

Further information:
Mechatronics Bachelor’s Program
Majors: Medical engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering

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