May 27th 2016

MCI launches "Women's Leadership Program"

Innovative summer school combines class and online courses and promises success strategies for career development

Numerous studies conducted in the last few years have shown that businesses and organizations with gender-diverse management teams are comparatively more successful both in economic and cultural terms. In a series of studies titled “Women Matter”, the McKinsey consultant firm has identified a significant correlation between the presence of women in executive committees and the financial performance of businesses.
To promote this potential, MCI offers a summer school for young professionals, tailored to their specific needs and challenges, which supports them on their way to becoming executives. The interactive six-day course titled "Women's Leadership Program" offers the ideal framework for knowledge acquisition, reflection, exchange, discussion, and networking in a modern learning environment.

Particular added value is provided by a specially designed supporting coaching program that enables participants to expand their professional experience with new knowledge, consolidate it in the exchange with colleagues and teachers, and apply in their own contexts. The special feature of this approach is the innovative concept of blended learning, which involves further intensive work in the learning community using discussion forums and MCI WEBINARS, based on the know-how gained during the in-class phase. In this way, confidence, the consolidation of valuable knowledge, and networking aspects all equally benefit.

Start of the summer school is on 7 July, 2016.

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Summer School "Women's Leadership Program"

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