June 14th 2016

MCI is Austrian Football Champion

Entrepreneurial School® wins the coveted Master Plate - MCI selection wins out in the final over 9-time Austrian champions

In the 18th universities of applied sciences football championships, which were held in Wiener Neustadt this year, the MCI team was able to prevail already at their first-ever participation in the tournament with an impressive overall performance and to bring the title to Innsbruck. Already in the group phase the MCI team was able to put forward a convincing performance with a goal difference of 8 to 0 and to clearly qualify for the semi-finals. The MCI kickers won the semi-final against BFI Vienna’s university of applied sciences with 4-0, to meet in the final game with 9-time winner and defending champion Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences. In an exciting and hard-fought final the MCI selection was able to prevail with 1-0.

The players of the MCI team come from Bachelor's and Master's programs of all fields of study and, hailing from five nations, are proof of MCI’s international orientation. Although some of the players are active as club players in their spare time, the majority are recreational players.

The tournament was played according to the rules of the ÖFB. A happy Lucas Rössler, coordinator of the MCI team, says his explanation for the particular strength of his team is their absolute motivation and team cohesion: "Each one of us gave their all and went to their personal limits. However, the big star of our team is our companionship. The cohesion within the team is exemplary. "

MCI would like to wholeheartedly congratulate their football team for their impressive success.

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