August 01st 2016

MCI yet again Ranked at the Top of European Universities

2016 edition of renowned Trendence Graduate Barometer Europe shows top scores for the Entrepreneurial School®: extraordinary student satisfaction, course quality, internationality, practice orientation, and career prospects

Once again, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) has reason to celebrate due to top ratings in a European higher education comparison. In the recently published 2016 Trendence Graduate Barometer Europe, MCI with an impressive score of 2.1 surpasses the Austrian (2.5) and European average ratings. The scale used ranges from 1 = very satisfied to 7 = very dissatisfied.

MCI scored particularly high with regard to the following quality criteria: internationality of training and education, commitment and competence of professors, practice orientation, career prospects and services, and student activities.

The excellent satisfaction ratings are in line with a fantastically high recommendation rate: 92.7 percent of MCI students would recommend their university to others.

Bernhard Tilg , minister of science of the Austrian state of Tyrol and MCI shareholder representative, is as pleased as MCI as a whole at the results: “MCI’s top scores in international rankings prove that the education institution is a flagship for Tyrol. MCI is an important element in the education and science mosaic of Tyrol, because it contributes significantly to the training of top professionals, thus strengthening Tyrol as a location for business and science. Günther Platter, governor of Tyrol, adds: "A big thank you to Rector Andreas Altmann and his team for their commitment. Congratulations on this great success and all the best and good luck for the future!"

About Trendence
The Trendence Graduate Barometer is the largest European study on education, career, and profession. Approximately 300,000 students from 24 countries participated in the study and, besides answering questions about what they expected for their future careers and rating the attractiveness of potential employers, also answered questions about their satisfaction with their universities. The survey phase ran from October 2015 to February 2016.

  Satisfaction  Satisfaction
  (scale 1 - 7)  (school grading
system 1 - 5)
MCI 2,1  1,5
Germany 2,4  1,7
United Kingdom 2,4  1,7
Austria 2,5  1,8
Czech Republic 2,5  1,8
Switzerland 2,6  1,9
France 2,7  1,9
Ireland 2,7  1,9
Russia 2,7  1,9
Slovakia 2,7  1,9
Poland 2,8  2,0
Europe 2,9  2,1
Belgium 2,9  2,1
Denmark 2,9  2,1
Sweden 2,9  2,1
Bulgaria 3,0  2,1
Norway 3,0  2,1
Turkey 3,0  2,1
Netherlands 3,1  2,2
Romania 3,1  2,2
Finland 3,2  2,3
Greece 3,2  2,3
Portugal 3,3  2,4
Hungary 3,4  2,4
Spain 3,6  2,6
Italy 3,8  2,7

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