July 12th 2016

High-ranking Taiwanese delegation pays MCI a visit

Opportunities for MCI students in future growth regions

Recently MCI was visited by a Taiwanese delegation that included highest academic dignitaries from the Asian island. Among the 19 decision makers who paid a visit to MCI in the course of an extended tour through Austria were the one-time education minister Ovid Tzeng and the president of the National Taipei University of Technology Leehter Yao as well as the presidents and deans of six different Taiwanese universities.

The exclusive atmosphere at MCI was also made use of by representatives of the universities of applied sciences in Kufstein and Vorarlberg to seek and extend cooperation with Taiwanese universities. Taiwan is one of the tiger states in Asia and combines the diligence and ambition of the Chinese with the democratic standards and the legal framework of the western world. In some fields Taiwan has already overtaken Europe. This fact is particularly evident in technology. Thus cooperation with technical and scientific colleges and universities in Taiwan is particularly promising.

During the visit a general agreement with the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology was signed. This internationally accredited University in Douliu City follows seven other Taiwanese universities with whom MCI has already established partnerships. With two universities, the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the National Taipei University of Technology, agreements on student exchanges have been reached.

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann enthuses: “In Autumn 2015 I had the opportunity to visit a number of universities in Taiwan that have now become established partner institutions of MCI. Taiwan is not merely a breathtakingly beautiful country. I was also impressed by the diligence, innovative drive and the high level of attainment in the Taiwanese educational sector.”

Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of International Relations, adds: “Taiwan might still appear like an exotic destination but it is a sign of far-sightedness that MCI is particularly intent upon this country. MCI does not want to rely on well-trodden paths with partnerships in Europe and the USA but strives to show presence in present and future growth regions. This will enable us to provide our students with unique opportunities.”

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