July 13th 2016

MCI welcomes the extension of educational and research opportunities

A 100 million Euro go towards the creation of 5,000 technical college study opportunities: an investment in the future to safeguard innovation, competitive advantage, jobs and prosperity

“We are delighted to hear of the decision of the federal government to use the means derived from the redesign of the bank contributions to invest in the growth of the technical colleges”, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann states in an interview with the press.

At present there are three to four applications for a study place at the Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI) and many highly qualified and motivated young people are denied the opportunity to study due to a lack of space. The same is true for the demand for MCI graduates in the Austrian labor market, which can only be met in a minority of cases. The need for problem-oriented research cannot be covered by the existing capacities, thus impeding regional internationalization, growth and value gain and creating a significant bottleneck for the economy of the region.

“The decision of the federal government is a significant sign of a new course for the future. We hardly know of a more effective measure to encourage innovation, competitive advantage, jobs and prosperity and to secure social cohesion”, Rector Altmann summarizes the assessment of the Entrepreneurial School®.

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