October 17th 2016

Medical Engineering: MUI and MCI launch new branch of study in Tyrol

AQ Austria accredits innovative study program created through the synergy between Management Center Innsbruck and Medical University of Innsbruck within the framework of “Campus Tirol”: the integration in the Bachelor degree program in Mechatronics ensures a broad spectrum of education with excellent career prospects

The Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI) and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) share great news: the agency AQ Austria has recently accredited the degree program in Medical Engineering developed by MCI and MUI and, in doing so, given new impetus to the technology initiative of Tyrol launched in 2008. Merged within the framework of “Campus Tirol”, the know-how of two internationally successful universities influences the shared location for science, technology, and business and benefits students, graduates, and employers alike.

The accreditation was preceded by intense preparation and an elaborate needs and acceptance analysis carried out by an international development team. In the end, it was the convincing responses and urgent demands of the labor market that prompted the initiation of the new course of study and its integration in the broad qualification spectrum of the Bachelor degree program in Mechatronics, which was launched at MCI in 2008.

The expected duration of the course is six semesters. It requires a total of 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits and culminates in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree, in short BSc.
The degree program has been designed primarily for full-time study. Due to its flexible time model, however, the program is still to some extent compatible with a professional career.

All spots in the degree program to be launched shortly are filled. The next chance to enter into the course is in fall 2017. Applications are received at any time.

Excellent career prospects

Since the diagnosis and treatment of diseases increasingly require complex technical skills, the new degree program has been designed to combine medical expertise with technologies used in mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and information processing. Therefore, the course also opens up outstanding career prospects.

Graduates may choose to enter into a highly dynamic labor market with enormous potential for growth immediately after completion of their Bachelor degree or to take on responsible positions in the clinical environment, in research and development, in the production of medical devices, or in respective branches of management.

The new course of study synergistically complements the present range of study and research opportunities offered at MUI and MCI and, in addition, facilitates the realization of the “Campus Tirol” initiative.


Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol: “The location for science, technology, and business of Tyrol benefits from the additional education opportunities in medical engineering offered by MCI and the Medical University of Innsbruck. With technical colleges, universities, and universities of applied sciences offering training in medical engineering, Tyrol in fact takes the lead.”

Bernhard Tilg, Minister of Science in Tyrol: “Created through the collaboration between MCI and MUI, the new study program in medical engineering promotes ‘Campus Tirol’ and complements the study and research opportunities in mechatronics and medical engineering presently available at the University of Innsbruck and UMIT – The Health & Life Sciences University”

Helga Fritsch, Rector of the Medical University of Innsbruck: “The innovative degree program extends the education opportunities of the Tyrol location for science by adding a promising field of study. The expertise of the Medical University of Innsbruck has been adopted as an essential component in the new curriculum of the study program and provides the basis for high-quality education in medical engineering.”

Andreas Mehrle, Head of the Mechatronics Department at MCI: “With the new branch of study, we have succeeded in creating an outstanding academic training program with a vast potential for growth and excellent career opportunities.”

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann: “Providing more than a 1,000 spots in technology and life sciences programs, MCI has risen to one of the most influential universities in the field of technology. Its status is of great advantage to the worlds of science, economy, and society alike. Students, teachers, researchers, and the location itself profit from the fruitful cooperation with the Medical University of Innsbruck.”

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