October 25th 2016

Medical University of Innsbruck and Management Center Innsbruck offer joint Master degree

Master degrees in Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology now available as “Connected Programs”: excellent perspectives in industry, research, and development

A new cooperation between the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI) and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) provides students at both institutions with an interesting and promising opportunity to gain a joint Master’s degree: the Master degree programs in Molecular Medicine (MUI) and Biotechnology (MCI) have each been complemented by contents of the other and joined together.

The expected duration of the joint degree program is five semesters, with the students alternating study at MUI and MCI. Students of Biotechnology thus receive deep insights into the foundations of molecular research, focusing in particular on medical and biotechnological processes. Students of Molecular Medicine, in turn, learn how to apply theoretical findings to the creation of biotechnological products. Upon graduation, students are awarded a Master’s degree by both institutions.

The innovative degree program creates a profile which opens up diverse opportunities for professional and personal development: graduates are qualified to take on leading positions in modern life sciences, particularly in research and development of the biotechnological, genetic, and pharmaceutical industries, in biomedical research at universities and research centers, and in official administration. They are also eligible to enroll in a respective PhD program.

During the official opening for the new program, Peter Loidl, Vice-Rector of the Medical University of Innsbruck, emphasized the significance of the cooperation: “The ‘Connected Programs’ model is strong expression of the close cooperation between two internationally successful universities of the Tyrolean academic landscape. I am delighted at their constructive and inspiring work.” Head of the MCI Department for Biotechnology & Food Engineering Christoph Griesbeck, added: “The combination of advanced molecular foundations and the know-how of how to apply these to biotechnological processes is not just of great interest to students, but it also turns them into urgently required experts on various issues in medical biotechnology.” MCI Rector Andreas Altmann confirmed: “Not only does this cooperation benefit future graduates but also the worlds of academia and economy, which both receive valuable input for development and innovation from highly qualified scientists and experts.”

Further information

Students who want to enroll in the Connected Programs must apply to and be separately admitted to both the Master degree program in Molecular Medicine at MUI and the Master degree program in Biotechnology at MCI.

Application procedure for Molecular Medicine (MUI)
Application procedure for Biotechnology (MCI)

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