November 02nd 2016

VOWA teams up with MCI

MCI research group is currently working on the development of low-emission engines for the sustainable improvement of air quality

As a branch of the Porsche Inter Auto group and one of the oldest and largest car dealers in western Austria, VOWA Innsbruck not only deals with cars and motor vehicle services – it acts as an expert in all mobility-related questions. The company places a particular focus on promising technologies for the realization of efficient low-emission engines. In turn, the MCI research unit for Renewable Energy explores innovative technologies to advance sustainable energy supplies for the future. The prime focus is on engine technology and, thus, on issues such as emission, energy efficiency, and the development and optimization of engines.

As a consequence, the joint commitment to an improvement of energy efficiency and emission behavior of combustion engines is at the core of the recently signed partnership agreement between VOWA Innsbruck and MCI. The car dealer VOWA will provide Lukas Möltner, MCI Study Coordinator for General Engineering, and his research group with a test vehicle equipped with special measurement technology. Based on data collected during test drives in the Greater Innsbruck area, the project aims to investigate the behavior of catalytic converters and other emission control devices. The goal of the cooperation between VOWA and MCI is to identify opportunities and strategies for the efficient reduction of traffic-related air pollution and the improvement of air quality. Due to its relevance to the reduction of traffic emission, the central question of the study is how to quickly achieve and maintain the operating temperature required by catalytic converters under actual driving conditions.

VOWA Innsbruck Manager Erwin Cassar recognizes the potential in cooperating with MCI researchers: “Innovative energy management and low-emission engines are the future. With our current project we therefore strive to make a sustainable contribution to the advancement of automotive engineering.”
MCI Project Manager Lukas Möltner adds that the cooperation is not only scientifically relevant but also benefits the students: “Our students are provided with the unique opportunity to participate in a project that allows them to obtain practical training and experience.”

Also MCI Rector Andreas Altmann appreciates the most recent MCI partnership: “The project allows us to apply our scientific and solution-oriented expertise as Entrepreneurial School®. I am delighted with the collaboration.”

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