March 16th 2017

Perspectives for Austria

Federal chancellor Christian Kern visits the Management Center Innsbruck - joint event organized with the Industrialists Union of Tyrol - making Austria fit for the future through innovation - clear commitment to a shared Europe

A great day at MCI: In a joint event organized with the Industrialists Union of Tyrol, Federal Chancellor Mag. Christian Kern was welcomed having been invited to take part in the lecture series “MCI Alumni and Friends”. Kern had already been a guest at MCI during his time as CEO of the ÖBB . Now he again accepted MCI Rector Andreas Altmann’s invitation.

Federal Chancellor Kern began with a clear commitment to Austria. Appointed Chancellor 10 months ago, he wished to contribute to safeguarding social and economic achievements and to positioning Austria at the forefront of these positive developments. This aim implied an unerring commitment to change.

In a diversionary lecture to students, teaching staff, numerous representatives of industry and friends and partners of MCI, Federal Chancellor Kern presented his political vision for Austria. The present era of change is based on two great forces: globalisation and technological development. Both have an enormous influence on economics and the lives of people and would also present enormous opportunities. One would, however, have to admit that many citizens have lost the ability to see these opportunities, a fact that has been abused by some political forces. Therefore Austria requires an effective social policy, focusing on solidarity and justice, work and employment as the foundations of prosperity and providing the key to numerous social aims.

The aim of politics is to make Austria fit for the future. This requires future-oriented measures such as concpets concerning energy supply, financial support for startups and employment for older citizens.

Subsequently he turned to the European Union, founded as an ambitious peace project and constituting the greatest global economic region with its 500 million inhabitants. He encouraged the audience not to let nationalism determine the further development of the European Union. His commitment is to a strong Austria within a strong Europe. The Europe of the future must be a Europe of the people and include a social perspective.

He closed by quoting Bob Kennedy – “Few members of our generation are granted the opportunity to make a difference and make history” and stating that“This cannot be achieved by the Chancellor alone. But it is the experience and commitment of many individuals that determines the fate of the masses.”

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