April 03rd 2017

Werner Stadlmayr receives MCI professorship

The Entrepreneurial School®, Innsbruck honors Doctor of Science Werner Stadlmayr with the title of Professor

In appreciation of his achievements in research, teaching, and the development of the university sector, as well as of his exemplary translation of research results into teaching, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) recently conferred the title of Professor on Doctor of Science Werner Stadlmayr. The enthusiastic scientist Stadlmayr completed his chemistry studies as well as his dissertation in physical chemistry at the University of Innsbruck with honors. He has worked as a lecturer at MCI since 2012 and since 2014, he has been the study coordinator for mathematics and physics at the Department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering. This honor signals the next step in Professor Stadlmayr’s academic career.

Stadlmayr’s qualifications do not only include a range of outstanding scientific achievements, prizes, and scholarships, but also excellent teaching skills. Due to his extraordinary talent for teaching at university level, he is held in high esteem by both students and colleagues. Thus, his inaugural address, with the title “Teaching and Research – A Powerful (but Difficult) Synthesis”, described the two sides of his occupation from an abstract philosophical perspective in a highly entertaining way. Teaching and research are based on different intellectual approaches, which, at first sight, seem to make a harmonious synthesis impossible. While research focuses on the generation of new scientific insights, operates according to strictly logical rules, and describes objectifiable circumstances, teaching is also concerned with humans and their behavior and, moreover, guided by a subjective worldview. According to Stadlmayr, the link between the two is consistency, that is, for example, the consistent development of teaching contents and methods of correct reasoning.

CV of Professor Werner Stadlmayr

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and Head of the Academic Council and Professor Franz Pegger handed over the certificate of appointment to Stadlmayr in the presence of his family, companions, colleagues, and students.

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