May 19th 2017

MCI launches Executive PhD Program in Management

High-level part-time doctoral program for business professionals | Combining academic research with practical relevance | Exemplary collaboration between European university institutions | Start fall 2017 | Registration now open

A new “Executive PhD Program in Management” will be launched by MCI Management Center Innsbruck as a high-level part-time doctoral program for business professionals in the fall of 2017*.

The program offers a premium executive development track designed to be academically rigorous and intellectually inspiring, closing the gap between traditional PhD and professional DBA programs.

The international doctoral program will jointly be offered by
- the University of Antwerp (Belgium)
- the Antwerp Management School (Belgium)
- the Management Center Innsbruck (Austria)

The 4-year, part-time Executive PhD program will be jointly delivered at Antwerp (50%) and Innsbruck (50%) and combines academic research with practical relevance. Registration is now open.

Information and Counseling:
Sebastian Engels, BA
+43 512 2070 - 2121

Detailed Information:

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* Notification process in accordance with § 27 para. 6 HS-QSG successfully accomplished. Graduates are awarded with the "PhD in Management" or "PhD in Social Science" by the University of Antwerp. The degree is officially recognized in accordance with § 88 para 1a of the 2002 Austrian law governing universities. Degree holders are therefore entitled to use their doctoral degree in official documents.


Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector: The Executive PhD Program is an important step in the evolution of MCI. Together with our international partners we will mentor business professionals and senior managers with academic ambitions to achieve their career goals. We are looking forward to guide the participants of the Executive PhD Program through the process of reaching the next level of academic qualification. This Executive PhD Program will support the PhD Students’ career, will provide benefits to their companies and will create impacts on the economy and society we live in.

Herman Van Goethem, UA Rector: This Executive PhD program links the competencies of three internationally accredited higher education institutions, the University of Antwerp, the Antwerp Management School and the Management Center Innsbruck. The Executive PhD Program focuses on academic rigor and on relevance of the research endeavors of the PhD students. This program is designed to breed academically minded and at the same time practically oriented thought leaders in their field who will – upon defending their PhD thesis – receive a doctoral degree from the University of Antwerp.

Paul Matthyssens, AMS Dean: I strongly believe that competitive and sustainable advantage in the business world can only be achieved through responsible decision-making throughout all activities and strategic decisions. I’m convinced that rigorous academic research with immediate relevance and impact on the real world is absolutely crucial for growth in a highly competitive environment. One of the main objectives of this Executive PhD Program is to make the shift from mere knowledge transfer to the broader development of responsible managers, leaders and ‘Global Citizens’ who create and transfer knowledge to improve both business, society and academia.

Press contact
Dr. Peter Schwazer
+43 512 2070-1510