June 22nd 2017

MCI graduates give out top grades

Rave reviews for courses and support: top recommendations for career-boosting MCI study programs

The recently completed MCI graduate survey once again yielded top results for the university: 88.4 % would recommend MCI to others, 88.5 % consider their decision to study at MCI as the right decision also in hindsight, 82.9 % rate their study program as “Very Good” or “Good”, and an incredible 91.7 % appreciate the excellent support they received during their studies.

This survey for the first time provides us with detailed numbers about the professional development of MCI graduates. For example, already graduates of bachelor’s programs have an average of 1.9 job offers; 41.8 % enter into employment immediately after graduation. Another 40 % opt for an advanced (master’s) degree course, half of which are completed in part-time. The numbers for graduates of master’s programs are similar: having been offered 2.3 jobs by the time of graduation, 37.3 % were able to sign their employment contract already before graduating.

Part-time courses at MCI as career booster

Study and further education opportunities for professional decision makers are, as it were, part of the genetic program of the Entrepreneurial School®.* It is not least the part-time students who apply their newly acquired knowledge in companies already during their studies and, in doing so, ensure the transfer of practical experience. This is also evident in the development of their income: within only four years of graduation their average income increases by 39.3 % (for bachelor’s students) and 38.4 % (for master’s students).

3,017 graduates of Management Center Innsbruck participated in the written and anonymous survey. It included graduates of all bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma courses completed between 2005 and 2012. The response rate was 24.9 %.


MCI Rector Andreas Altmann: “Ever since MCI’s foundation more than 20 years ago MCI has been mentoring the motivated on both personal and professional development. I am proud that our high-quality programs and the work of the entire team are acknowledged by our students in this way.”

Brigitte Auer, head of the MCI Department of Quality Management: “Our continuous efforts to maintain quality and, consequently, to provide students with excellent teaching and support were once again successful. I am also delighted that our graduates are being rewarded in their professional life for being able to complete challenging studies.”

Alexander Auer, chair of the MCI Student Council: “As MCI student representatives we appreciate the intense and respectful dialog not only with the management, but with the entire MCI team. I congratulate MCI on the impressive results.”

*At present, MCI offers twelve part-time bachelor’s, master’s and executive master’s programs. In addition, there are four online programs based on modern blended and mobile learning concepts as well as innovative technology and a large number of compact courses, seminars, trainings, and similar available.

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