June 28th 2017

Philosophicum at MCI

MCI students enter philosophical discourse with experienced public figures

Starting in July, a new lecture format will be introduced to the students at the MCI Department of Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management. A conversation between Head of Department & Studies Siegfried Walch and the politician, journalist, and theologian Lothar Müller gave rise to the idea – inspired by the Theatrum Philosophicum – to allow students to enter into a philosophical discussion with experienced personalities of public life.

More than 20 individuals from different institutions, among them well-known figures such as Otto Muck, Georg Lamp, Angelika Hörmann, Rudolf Koll, Gerhard Gstraunthaler, Christoph Neuner, Georg Fritz, Julia Brugger, Otmar Kronsteiner, Sylvia Schranz and Herbert Weissenböck, agreed to formulate theses on current issues and to enter a philosophical dialog with MCI students. The Philosophicum will address questions of humankind, culture, and science. A particular emphasis will be placed on social, societal, and political topics.

“Our students are given the opportunity to discuss and think about decision-making processes, meaningful contexts, and alternative paths together with experienced practitioners”, Head of Department & Studies Siegfried Walch points out.

“Our motivation is to enable young academics to provide well-informed decisions and consultation later in their careers”, as Lothar Müller, who has been teaching at MCI for years, explains. “All of the discussants we now have on board, be it the former Congress manager or Tilak executive, the leading prosecutor, politician or freelancer, are happy to share their life and professional experience with the younger generation.”

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann enthusiastically welcomes the new program: “This is in the best academic tradition. Experienced leaders provide young academics with their expertise as well as time – what an exciting approach also for other study courses and colleges.”

The following dates of discussion have already been fixed:
A limited number of interested guests are invited to join the events. If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking, please contact Rosi Novarlic at rosi.novarlic@mci.edu.

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