July 08th 2017

MCI welcomes university package

Meaningful investment in the future: 100 million euro for the creation of 5,000 university places securing innovation, competitive ability, jobs, and prosperity

“We were delighted to hear about the decision of Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Harald Mahrer, to invest funds generated through the reform of the bank tax in creating extra places to study”, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann announces to the media.

The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy continues the expansion of the Austrian university landscape by creating 5,000 extra places to study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, i.e. the STEM fields. In the coming days, 450 places for freshmen will become available, corresponding to 1,200 places in total. The next stages for the introduction of further places are already being prepared.

Currently, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) receives three to four applications for every place it offers. Many highly qualified and motivated young talents have to be rejected as there are not enough spots available. A similar situation can be found in the labor market, where the demand for graduates of the Entrepreneurial School® can only be met partially, if at all. Also, current resources are anything but sufficient to satisfy the numerous requests for research projects. Thus, they inhibit internationalization, growth, and the creation of value in the MCI location and represent a substantial shortage for the local economy.

“Therefore, the decision of the Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Harald Mahrer, and the Austrian Federal Government signals a new course for the future. There is hardly a more effective measure to be taken if we want to promote our innovative power and competitive ability as well as the creation of jobs and prosperity, and to secure social cohesion”, as Rector Andreas Altmann summarizes the Entrepreneurial School’s® position.

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