July 10th 2017

The winner of the 2017 SWZ Award has been chosen

The SWZ Award for the MCI course in General Management goes to Arno Sattler from South Tyrol: partnership between Management Center Innsbruck and Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung supports young executives

In cooperation with Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung (SWZ) awards a 5,000 euro scholarship to young executives and decision-makers from South Tyrol to assist and support them in their professional and personal development.

His application for the popular scholarship immediately earned Arno Sattler from Seis, South Tyrol a spot on the shortlist of best candidates and an invitation to a hearing at MCI. He was able to convince the jury throughout and, after a brief deliberation, was unanimously chosen as this year’s winner of the SWZ Award.

The jury was particularly impressed by the strong commitment, perseverance, and flexibility of the politics and administration expert, who has acquired substantial knowledge in many areas of business management through the learning-by-doing method as well as by continuous training and, on top of this, is fluent in several languages. At the moment, he works as a quality manager in a medium-sized South Tyrolean enterprise and, in doing so, occupies a position that requires solid knowledge of all the processes going on in the company. By completing the executive certificate course in General Management, Business Administration for Non-Business Majors, Sattler aims to acquire methods and instruments to improve the organization and execution of his tasks and to become better prepared for future challenges.

The Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung and MCI Management Center Innsbruck would like to seize the opportunity to congratulate the award winner.

As a long-term partner of the business web portal Südtiroler Wirtschaft (South Tyrol Economy) and of Management Center Innsbruck, the Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung appreciates academic education as a significant social asset and central resource for personal and entrepreneurial development. This is why, since 2011, the weekly paper has offered the SWZ Award for one of MCI’s executive certificate or degree courses each year.

The part-time course in General Management offered at MCI constitutes an excellent internationally oriented program: it provides companies, decision-makers and executives from economy, administration, culture, and politics with comprehensive training in the basics of business administration and, with this, supports them in the proactive management of their professional challenges.

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