October 17th 2017

MCI getting off to a strong start to the semester

3,500 applications from 70 nations submitted to Management Center Innsbruck; MCI now hosts 3,400 students from 52 nations as well as 360 incoming students from 41 nations and, in addition, maintains 248 partnerships across the globe

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) happily announces an impressive start to the 2017 academic year. The figures speak for themselves; more than 3,500 applicants from 70 nations have submitted their résumés and references to obtain one of over 1,200 spots available this fall. The freshers have been selected in a discerning multi-stage application process. Their studies at MCI will prepare them for a successful and possibly international career.

MCI offers 16 bachelor’s and master’s programs in economics and society and nine study programs in technology and life sciences. Three new courses, held entirely in English, are to be introduced in the upcoming semester: the Corporate Governance & Finance master’s program based on mobile learning, the technically-oriented master’s degree course in Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, and the Executive PhD Program in Management, organized in cooperation with the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Management School. With these additions, altogether eleven study programs and specializations are now offered in English; all remaining programs contain a substantial degree of English-language components. The three recently established mobile learning programs play a particularly important role. Based on the innovative combination of on-campus and online modules, employing modern digital media, they allow for a high degree of flexibility. The range of MCI study offers is rounded off by 15 international double degree and joint degree partnerships, as well as one European multiple degree partnership, all with globally renowned institutions of higher education. MCI students are, thus, given the opportunity not only to acquire complementary competences but also to gain additional academic degrees over the course of their studies at MCI.

In the current academic year, the number of students enrolled at the Entrepreneurial School® has risen to 3,400. They are from altogether 52 countries. In addition, MCI hosts 360 incoming students from 41 different nations studying abroad at the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck. The international character of MCI also manifests itself in the composition of the research and teaching staff, which includes lecturers from the worlds of science, economics, and society from an impressive 35 nations. Therefore, MCI is now one the most international institutions of higher education in Europe.

The number of academic collaborations has increased to 248 partnerships with institutions across the globe. "More important than the number of partnerships, however, is the academic quality of partner institutions, the professionality of the organization, and the level of the students,” Susanne Lichtmannegger, head of MCI International Relations, states. She explains MCI’s strategy as follows: "We are constantly developing and improving our institution and can, therefore, allow ourselves to be more selective. Through careful selection, we can establish excellent conditions for MCI students studying abroad and profit from the brilliant students coming from partner institutions to study at MCI.”

Professor Claudia Mössenlechner, deputy head of the MCI Academic Council, encourages students to make the most of their time at MCI: "In addition to outstanding professional qualifications, MCI offers unique opportunities to develop personal talents, establish international networks, and acquire intercultural competences – be it by studying abroad at one of MCI’s partner institutions, through international internships, or in language classes.”

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