October 10th 2017

MCI welcomes development program of Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

The Entrepreneurial School® will introduce a Digital Business & Software Engineering program in 2018

“We were delighted to hear about the decision of Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Harald Mahrer, to fund the creation of 40 places in a Bachelor’s degree program in Digital Business & Software Engineering, to be launched at MCI in the fall of 2018”, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann announces to the media. Thus, a significant deficiency in the local business world can be alleviated, and innovation, the creation of value, as well as competitive advantage secured. Over a period of three years, a total of 120 new students will be admitted to the Entrepreneurial School® to study Digital Business & Software Engineering.

Currently, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) receives three to four applications for every place it offers. Many highly qualified and motivated young talents have to be turned down as there are not enough places available. A similar situation can be found in the labor market, where the demand for graduates of the Entrepreneurial School® can only be partially met, if at all. The demand for well-trained experts is particularly high in the fields of digital business and software engineering. Also, current resources are anything but sufficient for satisfying the numerous requests for research projects. Thus, they inhibit internationalization, growth, and the creation of value at MCI, while representing a substantial shortage for the local economy.

The Digital Business & Software Engineering program will be based largely on online learning. Thus, it will be made accessible not only to high school graduates, but also to professionals. “In the last years, MCI has made substantial investments in promising mobile learning technologies and innovative forms of studying – these are now paying off”, as Head of Department & Studies Peter J. Mirski proudly states. He adds: “With the new study program we will be able to further strengthen the Entrepreneurial School’s® leading position in this field, and make comprehensive expertise available to businesses as well as our students.”

“Therefore, the decision of Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Harald Mahrer, and the Austrian Federal Government signals a new course for the future. There is hardly a more effective measure to be taken if we want to promote our innovative power and competitive ability as well as the creation of jobs and prosperity, and to secure social cohesion”, as Rector Andreas Altmann summarizes the Entrepreneurial School’s® position.

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