November 27th 2017

MCI students awarded 2017 DFK scholarships

The German Circle of Friends of the Universities in Innsbruck (DFK) support exceptional students in their professional and academic development and award three scholarships to students at Management Center Innsbruck

This year, once again, particularly gifted students from the University of Innsbruck, the Medical University of Innsbruck and MCI were awarded a DFK scholarship. The prizes were awarded as part of the renowned annual German Circle of Friends of the Universities in Innsbruck conference.

The highly coveted scholarships are granted to advance the academic and professional careers of high potentials. They are a recognition of previous academic achievements. The main purpose of the DFK awards, however, is to enable young scholars to pursue their ambitious plans for the future and realize their projects.

From altogether 41 submissions from MCI students, the DFK jury selected Lukas Krane, Natalie Lugstein, and Matthias Pirs as this year’s award winners. DFK Chair Yorck Schmidt handed over the scholarships in the presence of the Heads of Department & Studies Marco Rupprich, Peter Mirski, and Ralf Geymayer.

Lukas Krane, student of the Bachelor’s program in Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, with an excellent 1.36 grade point average, plans to use the award money to develop a power-to-gas test system for private use. His long-term goal is to develop and optimize new concepts for energy-plus houses to be completely independent in terms of energy supply.

Natalie Lugstein is a Master’s student in the Management, Communication & IT program, with an extraordinary grade point average of, again, 1.36. She will use this support to continue her work on the development and marketing of her ExtendedMe start-up concept. This is an intelligent storage space for personal ideas.

Matthias Pirs, who is currently studying at Kingston University, London to become a Master in Stra-tegic Management & Law and obtain a double degree, will use the DFK award to fund his double degree as well as an internship in Brussels.

Awards were also received by Isabel Dittmann and Nadja Neuer-Schatz of the University of Innsbruck and Thomas Gehmacher of the Medical University of Innsbruck. The award ceremony was attended by Vice-Rector Ulrike Tanzer (University of Innsbruck) and Rector Wolfgang Fleischhacker (Medical University of Innsbruck).

MCI congratulates all the recipients.

Further information:
German Friends of the Universities in Innsbruck
Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering Bachelor’s degree
Management, Communication & IT Master’s degree
Strategic Management & Law Master’s degree

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