November 29th 2017

MCI graduate awarded state prize for exemplary Master’s thesis

Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy honors MCI engineering graduate Thomas Dornauer for his development of a test chamber to enable the optical investigation of ignition processes in gasoline engines and consequently increase their efficiency

MCI Management Center Innsbruck is delighted: one of its graduates of the Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering Master’s degree program has recently been honored by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. Thomas Dornauer received the distinction for his outstanding Master’s thesis titled “Developing a test chamber for the optical investigation of electronic ignition processes in gasoline engines”. The ceremony took place in the Vienna Hall of Sciences.

In his Master’s thesis, Thomas Dornauer addresses a well-known problem of the industry related to gasoline engine spark plugs used in block-type thermal power stations. Due to new factors, such as the use of biogas, “lean” mixtures, and modern thermodynamic combustion concepts, the requirements on ignition systems have also changed. Against this backdrop, Thomas Dornauer illustrated the processes from ignition to combustion and developed a model for the simulation of ignition processes in a unique test chamber. This test chamber not only mimics the conditions of a combustion chamber, but also enables the optical investigation of ignition processes. Dornauer’s overall goal was to optimize the ignition system for gas engines and, consequently, achieve a significant increase in efficiency.

Supervisor Lukas Möltner, who is a professor at MCI and head of the Engines & Emissions research group, is proud. While a member of the research team, Thomas Dornauer stood out due to his strong commitment and extraordinary ability for analytical thinking. This enabled him to solve even the most complex of problems. “His Master’s thesis makes a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the promotion of sustainable energy sources. I congratulate him on the well-deserved recognition.” Marco Rupprich, head of the MCI Department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, adds: “We mentor students on their way to success, but also demand a high level of commitment. Therefore, I am particularly happy for Thomas Dornauer and his supervisor Lukas Möltner to have achieved the Ministry’s Honorary Prize.”

The Honorary Prize of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy was established in 1990. Funded by the Austrian Study Grant Authority, this state prize is annually awarded to honor the 50 best diploma and Master’s theses, out of altogether 16,000 final papers submitted to Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences every year.

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