December 04th 2017

Reinhard Kunz and Johannes Siebert receive MCI professorships

The Entrepreneurial School® Innsbruck, honors Dr. Reinhard Kunz and Dr. Johannes Siebert with the title of Professor

In appreciation of their achievements in research and teaching, as well as of their exemplary translation of research results into practice, the Entrepreneurial School® recently conferred the title of Professor to Dr. Reinhard Kunz and Dr. Johannes Siebert. In his laudatory speech, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann referred to the profound academic qualifications, excellent teaching skills, and substantial professional experience, as well as the extraordinary achievements by which the two have earned themselves this distinction.

After the completion of his doctorate in 2012, Dr. Reinhard Kunz worked as an assistant professor in media management, with a focus on sports media, at the University of Bayreuth. During the five years of his assistant professorship, he developed a particular interest for digital business as well as marketing and sales management. His research primarily deals with the management of digital media and technologies, marketing management in sports media, and business model innovation in the context of digitization. Kunz has published numerous works and participated in many conferences. He has won a number of impressive prizes, such as, most recently, the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence, which he received for his publication titled “Sport-related branded entertainment: the Red Bull phenomenon”. He did research in Connecticut, USA, and Melbourne, Australia. He was appointed by MCI at the end of 2016. Since August 2017, he has been a professor in marketing and sales at the Department of Business & Management.

In his inaugural address, which he held in English, Kunz offered an insight into his previous research and teaching activity under the title of “Digital strategies: new technologies, business model innovation, content marketing”. On the basis of three different studies, he explained the relevance of digital strategies to companies. He pointed out three aspects in particular, namely the consumers’ acceptance of digital technologies based on the example of virtual reality, the role of strategic orientation in innovating business models, and the content marketing strategy based on the example of Red Bull.

pdfCV of Reinhard Kunz

Dr. Johannes Siebert is a leading expert in behavioral operations research and decision-making. He obtained his postdoctoral habilitation degree from the University of Bayreuth in November 2015. His research focuses on investigating the human and organizational behavior of decision making and developing methods for individual or corporate decision makers to make informed decisions. In his inaugural address titled “Improving individual and organizational decision-making behavior”, Johannes Siebert presented his most recent research and relevant projects on this topic.

Siebert is known for his extraordinary international network and his brilliant work as the chair of several international research associations. As part of third-party funded research projects, he advised the CEO of one of Germany’s major energy suppliers on how to strategically handle the nuclear power phase-out. In the US, he assisted the California Department of Transportation in identifying criteria for the allocation of funds for road construction. He further helped the Pentagon develop effective measures for the protection of the civilian populations in the Middle East and the Western world, based on the goals of the ISIS Terror Group. Since August 2017, Siebert has been working full-time in research and teaching as a professor in supply chain management at the Department of Business & Management.

pdfCV of Johannes Siebert

Together with Deputy Head of Academic Council Claudia Mössenlechner and Professor Maria Rabl, deputy head of the Business & Management Department, MCI Rector Andreas Altmann handed over the certificate of appointment.

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Wirtschaft & Management for Professionals Bachelor’s degree (in German)
Business & Management Bachelor’s degree (In English)
International Business & Management Master’s degree

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