December 14th 2017

1,000 MCI graduates

The success story of the Entrepreneurial School® continues with more than 1,000 Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates in 2017 and 7,000 guests at the graduation ceremonies

Only recently, this year’s round of annual festive MCI graduation ceremonies took place in the sumptuous surroundings of the historically significant Dogana in Innsbruck. In 2017, more than 1,000 graduates completed their Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at the Entrepreneurial School® and received their academic graduation certificates. Both the MCI graduates of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, and of further education courses, were awarded. Moreover, the first graduates of the European Master in Health Economics & Management (Eu-HEM) could be welcomed in Innsbruck.

7,000 invited guests

About 7,000 guests from the worlds of business, science, society, and politics honored the graduates and expressed their appreciation of the excellent education provided by MCI. Amongst them, was Tyrolean Minister of Science Bernhard Tilg, Mayor of Innsbruck Christine Oppitz-Plörer, President of the Tyrolean Economic Chamber Jürgen Bodenseer, and numerous other decision makers. In addition, a delegation of high-ranking representatives of the Eu-HEM partner institutions came to Innsbruck to witness the event. Together, with the respective heads of department & studies, Professor Franz Pegger and Professor Claudia Mössenlechner, head and deputy head of the MCI Academic Council, awarded the degrees.

High recognition by the labor market

By enrolling for a course at MCI, students invest in a successful future. Even during their studies, they are introduced to the labor market by participating in practice-oriented projects, relevant assignments, and internships. In addition, they are provided with comprehensive services by the MCI Career Center, including a job and internship exchange, workshops, and individual coaching. Consequently, MCI graduates enjoy excellent career prospects. This fact is confirmed by numerous satisfied employers and favorable international rankings as well as ratings.

The success of MCI’s work is further expressed in the words of welcome delivered by high officials and stakeholders:

Dr. Bernhard Tilg, Tyrolean Minister of Science and chairman of the MCI General Assembly, is very pleased with the MCI graduates and emphasizes the extraordinary development of the MCI range of technical study options: “With the technology offensive, the State of Tyrol has moved a step ahead, internationally.”

Mayor Christine Oppitz-Plörer adds: “We can no longer imagine the provincial capital without MCI. In Innsbruck, 50,000 individuals – that is one in three – are presently attending an educational institution. Innsbruck educational institutions have a great international reputation.”

President of the Tyrolean Economic Chamber, Dr. Jürgen Bodenseer, encourages the recipients “to leave well-trodden paths and choose your own, because this is how innovation and a competitive advantage are generated.”

Bettina Stichauner, chair of the MCI Alumni & Friends association, presents impressive facts: “85% of MCI students successfully complete their studies. By the time of graduation, they have already received, on average, 2.1 job offers. Together with 1,000 professors and lecturers, 240 partner institutions, and countless employers, project and research partners, our more than 10,000 graduates provide a lively network.”

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann points out: “We can now look back on another successful year. I want to thank all our students, partners, and the entire MCI team for making this accomplishment possible.”

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