December 07th 2017

MCI research team receives Eduard Wallnöfer appreciation award

The Eduard Wallnöfer Foundation hands out awards for research and study projects: this year’s appreciation award goes to the Entrepreneurial School®

On December 5, MCI Lecturer Harald Schöbel and Bettina Rainer, doctoral candidate, had the honor of accepting the Eduard Wallnöfer appreciation award. As part of their outstanding research project, the MCI researchers investigate to which extent the UV resistance of alpine algae could be of use in the cosmetics industry, such as, for example, to improve the UV protection factor of sunscreen.

Algal biotechnology is one of seven research areas of the Technology & Life Sciences research branch at MCI. Microalgae are an eclectic group of photosynthetic organisms. Due to their valuable constituents and inexpensive cultivation based on light, they have recently received increased attention in the field of biotechnology.

MCI currently examines previously neglected biobanks, such as the University of Innsbruck’s collection of terrestrial algae. The goal is to find new substances and products to be used by the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries.

The Eduard Wallnöfer Award is handed out annually to honor Tyrolean and South Tyrolean researchers for outstanding projects contributing to the social, cultural, and economic development of the State of Tyrol.

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