January 26th 2018

MCI Academic Council hands out Teaching Award

The Entrepreneurial School® awards lecturers for their exceptional achievements in teaching

Excellence in teaching forms an essential component of the quality of any higher education institution. Each year, the MCI Academic Council therefore hands out the Teaching Award in appreciation of exceptional achievements in teaching. The nomination of lecturers is based on student evaluations carried out at MCI for each course. The focus of these evaluations lies on the professional competence of lecturers, their applied methods and teaching approaches, as well as the relevance and applicability of the course content.

The 2017 Teaching Award goes to the three MCI lecturers:
The students appreciated in particular the lecturers’ strong commitment, their ability to get course participants interested in a subject, the good organization of their courses, and the comprehensible as well as transparent presentation of content.

The Academic Council selected the award winners based on the ratings they achieved in the student evaluations. The nomination was made automatically by way of the course evaluations. All study programs and courses of the same year were included in the decision process.

Dr. Claudia Mössenlechner, deputy head of the MCI Academic Council, proudly comments on the quality of teaching provided by MCI: “The Teaching Award of the Academic Council recognizes the superior work of our faculty in teaching. The annual distinction aims to promote excellent teaching, provide impulses for the future, and contribute to the development of the higher education institution, our students and society.”

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