March 11th 2021

W&M behind the scenes

Michaela Küblwirth is currently studying in her 4th semester of the part-time bachelor's program "Wirtschaft & Management for Professionals". She gives us useful insights into her study life in a short interview.

Please tell us briefly who you are, what you are studying, and how you came to MCI.

Hi, my name is Michaela, but mainly I am called Michi. I am 30 years old and come from the Tyrolean Unterland. I am currently in my 3rd semester of the part-time Business and Management program. Since you only hear good things about the MCI and I wanted to study part-time, I decided to go to this school of applied sciences. The field of business and management rounds off my previous further education, and I can actually put it to good use, for example with upcoming challenges.

How does a day of lecturing at the MCI work for you?

On Friday afternoon we start at 14:30 with our face-to-face lectures. Currently, due to the COVID- 19 situation, we have switched to online teaching and all students can attend the various lectures from home. Online teaching, in contrast to face-to-face teaching, is challenging because lecturers are not visible and thus one cannot see how the discussed topic is received. At the time of face-to-face teaching, it was still possible for us to take breaks and spend time in a small group in the Hofgarten, at the Christmas market or on the fourth floor of the MCI. At the moment, we miss these small breaks very much.

In which company do you work? What were/are your main activities? Did your studies help you to fulfill the tasks?

Until recently, I was still working for a transport company when I decided to take a year of educational leave in order to complete my studies in the best possible way. Currently, I work part-time in a start-up company where I can put into practice what I have learned during my studies. A very pleasant side effect is that my self-confidence has also increased significantly in relation to challenges.

Which specializations did you choose at the beginning of your studies and why? Have you changed your specializations again? If yes, why?

Already in the first semester, we had to decide on the respective specializations. At this point, I decided to specialize in controlling, since I had already acquired some knowledge in the area of sales through my job. Between the second and third semester, however, it became clear to me that I wanted to work in the area of marketing and sales in the future, so I applied for it and received confirmation of a change to the specialization area of marketing.

How do you coordinate group work? Do you see any advantages/enrichments in this?

Group work is currently held mainly via the online platforms Zoom, Adobe Connect or Skype. We mainly work together in the same groups, as the five of us are a well-coordinated team and know where each individual has their strengths and preferences. Group work is therefore advantageous, as each individual also brings in additional expertise from their work, which can greatly expand our knowledge.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to continue working in marketing and sales in the start-up company, with the aim of taking on responsibility in divisional management for several employees in the future.

Besides COVID-19: how do you get along with the blended learning concept (evening appointments)? Do you see this as an advantage for your studies?

The online lectures during the week are a good preparation for entering a new subject area. Due to the two-hour lecture, the introduction to future topics can actually help to deal with them better and thus creates a good basis for the first attendance unit.

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