March 25th 2021

High satisfaction among Club Tirol members confirmed by survey

Student of MCI | THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SCHOOL® conducted big member survey at CLUB TIROL.

Hannah Voglstätter, a student of the Nonprofit, Social and Health Care Management program at MCI - The Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck, conducted a large-scale member survey at Club Tirol at the beginning of the year as part of her bachelor thesis. She was recently able to present the most important results of the study at a virtual club evening, which was also attended by MCI Rector Andreas Altmann and the supervisor of the bachelor thesis, University of Applied Sciences Professor Nils Mevenkamp.

Club Tirol Vice President Renate Danler, the main initiator for this survey, praised the "excellent cooperation". Julian Hadschieff, president of the Vienna-based business club, rates the survey as "very valuable" for the club's further development.

The study author herself also expressed her satisfaction and gratitude: "A special thanks goes to Club Tirol, which enabled me through this cooperation to gain exciting and instructive insights into the club's activities."

Varied program and networking positively highlighted

Using a web-based, standardized survey, 507 members of the Club Tirol were asked about their expectations and satisfaction with the association's activities. "In general, it was observed that a very high level of satisfaction prevails with regard to the activities of Club Tirol," the student summarizes what is probably the central result. Especially the diverse program is highly appreciated, combined with the possibility to expand one's "personal network in Vienna."

Thanks to the fields of action identified, the Club Tirol can now focus on the most significant membership motives and expectations and continue to develop dynamically in order to maintain the high level of member satisfaction.

Further survey details can be read on the Club Tirol website: